Species at Risk

  • Image by Jean De Bruyn
  • Image by Jean De Bruyn
  • Image by Jean De Bruyn
  • Image by Jean De Bruyn
  • Image by Jean De Bruyn
  • Image by Jean De Bruyn

Did you know…

… that the Rondeau Bay watershed provides habitat for a number of endangered and threatened species?

The table below provides names of species that are currently at risk in the Rondeau Bay watershed and their status as determined by COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) and by the OMNR (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources).

Click on the species name to see its listing on Environment Canada’s Species at Risk website.

Species COSEWIC Status MNR Status
Reptiles and Amphibians:
Eastern Spiny Softshell Turtle Threatened Threatened
Blandings Turtle Threatened Threatened
Spotted Turtle Special Concern Special Concern
Five-lined Skink Special Concern Special Concern
Eastern Fox Snake Threatened Threatened
Eastern Hognose Snake Threatened Threatened
Fowler’s Toad Threatened Threatened
Least Bittern Threatened Threatened
Yellow Breasted Chat Special Concern Special Concern
King Rail Endangered Endangered
Acadian Flycatcher Endangered Endangered
Northern Bobwhite Endangered Endangered
Prothonathory Warbler Endangered Endangered
Black Tern Not at Risk Special Concern
Cerulean Warbler Special Concern Special Concern
Bald Eagle Not at Risk Endangered
Nodding Pogonia Endangered Endangered
Dense Blazing Star Threatened Threatened
Red Mulberry Endangered Endangered
Hop Tree Threatened Threatened
American Water Willow Threatened Special Concern
Spotted Gar Threatened Threatened
Lake Chubsucker Threatened Threatened
Warmouth Special Concern Special Concern